When good habits turn bad Matt Taylor Coaching

Jan 8, 2021 | Habit | 0 comments

When good habits turn bad

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Written by Matt Taylor

The 100 reps per day challenge has been a thing for the past few years. The first I noticed was the 100 press ups per day challenge. Videos about how it transformed participants bodies were posted on YouTube, claiming amazing results.

A good habit then?


IF certain principles are considered.

The discipline of performing those reps would undoubtedly build muscle mass, increase strength in a certain range and burn calories.

There is also the significant positive influence on mental health too. The daily act of self-care alone is a significant form of nurturing self-support. Then there’s the positive inner self-talk which occurs each workout e.g. “I’m getting stronger”, “C’mon, I can do it!”, “I am pushing through the pain”, which can change the way we feel about ourselves. On top of that, there are physiological and biochemical changes which promote growth, renewal and healing.

These challenges generally last about 30 days, which is probably a good thing because maintaining that regime may cause unwanted adaptations. Ones which, rather than create overall functional fitness, begin to restrict it.

Being married to a physio, who is able to notice the way certain physiological patterns can be created and broken down, has highlighted the fact that sometimes, new patterns can become restrictive.

When I observe young children playing, I see movements which are expansive, explorative and experimental. It’s a delight to watch. As they age, it seems that their movements become more patterned and limited. 

Adults can often be identified just by their movement patterns e.g. the way they walk. The particular activity has become set in a pattern which takes little effort to maintain.

To change patterns such as these takes awareness and a concerted effort.

I think similar principles apply to patterns of the mind and heart. Our thought and emotion patterns become and set, established through repetitive processes. TA has many theories about how this happens and even why it happens – one of the reasons I enjoy it so much.

When good habits turn bad Matt Taylor Coaching

I want to have options. Options for free movement, options for free-thinking and options to feel and experience.

The activities of body, mind and heart that I want to invest in are ones which allow me to be expansive and explorative.

I want to have options. Options for free movement, options for free-thinking and options to feel and experience. I’m sure you do too.

So, being aware of the positive and restrictive effects of new habits is something to always keep in mind.


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