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Thanks for visiting my website. You will get an idea of what I do from the various pages here. Though I love my work and find it easy to be passionate about what I do, my life outside of work is very rich, thanks to my wife, wonderful adult-children and great friends & neighbours. I am a blessed man.

I have many roles…

First and foremost, I am a husband and father. I consider this aspect of my life to be the most important by far. Closeness to Sara and my children (not youngsters anymore), my extended family and amazing friends give my life a rich seam of love and joy. There is no substitute for intimacy and companionship.

My work, which can get pretty busy at times, always takes second place but I really do love what I do. There is something incredibly rewarding about the world of therapy and coaching, whether it is psychotherapy, physiotherapy, hypnotherapy, training large groups and teams etc. Being able to use your experience and skills to help another person(s) to live with more joy, less pain, less anxiety, more confidence is such a privilege!

My previous studies in science and theology and my experience of work in many fields have been very useful in understanding the mechanics and philosophies of what makes us tick. I try to keep up with the latest developments in science and always enjoy talking to philosophers and deep thinkers.

Sara and I are involved with the charity “Little People UK”.  It’s a wonderful community which offers great support for those living with some form of Dysplasia. They are like our extended family.

In my spare time, I love being in nature and enjoy walking the family Beagle, Lottie, twice a day. It helps me to be clear-minded, gives me time to simply be and Lottie always makes me smile – it’s good for my soul. I have recently become increasingly aware of how powerful the effects of nature has on my health and wellbeing. If you follow my Instagram feed, you’ll get a glimpse of the incredible beauty I have the privilege of being amongst.

I love to stay fit, exercising in the gym two or three times per week, running (with the family mutt – an adorable and characterful Beagle) and cycling. I inherited a passion for old cars and motorsport from my Dad and recently I have begun to write poetry.

Another favourite past-time is enjoying the city of Cambridge. It is an inspiring place to be, with lots of free lectures from leading minds in all kinds of disciplines and many opportunities to enjoy the arts and a bit of culture.


My Work

When you love what you do, life is a joy. 

About Matt Taylor Coaching
About Matt Taylor Coaching
About Matt Taylor Coaching

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