right here, right now

The only moment we actually have is this one right now. Though quantum physicists may describe time having liquid-like properties, for us mere mortals, now is all we have. The past is memories and the future, our imagination (both electrochemical activity in our brains).  Mindfulness trains us to be fully engaged in the right now – the benefits are numerous.

Mindfulness Matt Taylor Coaching
Mindfulness Matt Taylor Coaching


awareness and choice

Never in the history of mankind has there been so many attentional distractions and demands. Life is now dominated by constant access to digital technology and connected media. Mindfulness involves developing one’s awareness of where the attention is directed. Awareness if the first step in being able to then choose more wisely where we place our attention.

on purpose

the power of intention

Being mindful requires intention. We have all experienced moments when everything seems balanced and at peace, moments when we are focused and, for that brief time, we gain a sense of stillness. Most of the time, however, we are caught up in the busyness of life. Mindfulness training involves intentionally being absorbed in our experience of the moment, on purpose.

Mindfulness Matt Taylor Coaching
Mindfulness Matt Taylor Coaching


not the same as resignation

Acceptance is the recognition that things are the way they are right now. That does not mean we resign ourselves to allowing injustice or prejudice. Instead, acceptance helps us to acknowledge the truth of “what is” and then be able to act with discernment. Acceptance helps us to have a clearer picture, free from avoidance and denial – common human traits.

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