Counselling & Therapy


what do you think and feel?

We unknowingly hold ideas and concepts that bubble under the surface of our conscious awareness. These notions affect every aspect of our lives. It’s only when we begin to explore them that we are able to work out what the best, next step will be.

Counselling & Therapy Matt Taylor Coaching
Counselling & Therapy Matt Taylor Coaching

in safety

a safe confidential space

One of the best things about seeing a professional therapist has got to be that it gives you the opportunity to talk and discuss matters that are private to you in a confidential environment.

be heard

attentive to what's on your mind

It’s your time to express yourself, to articulate whatever is going on in your world; it doesn’t matter how important or seemingly trivial. If it is on your mind and you feel the need to talk about it, you will be heard.

Counselling & Therapy Matt Taylor Coaching
Counselling & Therapy Matt Taylor Coaching

not judged

nonjudgemental & unconditional

Everyone is treated with unconditional positive regard. Your beliefs, gender identity, your history, your choices and your lifestyle, you will not be judged, you will be welcomed and listened to.


how our past effects now

Experiences, relationships and difficulties from our childhood inform who we are today. Transactional Analysis is a psychotherapeutic model which helps us understand not only ourselves but our relationships too. Understanding and insight allow us to take the first steps towards healing and growth.

Counselling & Therapy Matt Taylor Coaching

a step towards better…

If you would like to enquire about any aspect of therapy and counselling with Matt, please complete the form below or call 01223 654 332 (this is also the number for our Cambridge physio clinic).