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I love sharing life-changing info, from great books I have read to fascinating articles, podcasts, movies or wisdom I have learned from great people and great minds.

Media Matt Taylor Coaching

Guided mindfulness meditations, relaxation exercises, podcasts, techniques, strategies, tips and life-hacks, to optimise your life. Visit my YouTube channel to discover more.

3 People in Your Head

A project which will be launching in October 2019 is a podcast I have set up with my good friend John Fleming.

The subject matter will be Transactional Analysis, a very comprehensive, and yet easily accessible model which helps us to understand ourselves, our relationships and our communities, including schools and businesses.

It can be applied to personal therapy, group therapy, education, organisations, corporations, the list goes on…

If you’re interested in finding out more about what makes us all tick, take a listen by clicking the link below…


Media Matt Taylor Coaching
Media Matt Taylor Coaching

Watch this space

There are more projects in the life-enhancement pipeline, so keep an eye on this page for tips and hints on how to become a better you.