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We all reach a point in our lives when we long for something different. You may long to feel at peace, or maybe you want to respond differently to life’s challenges or you may simply desire to understand yourself better.

Personal growth can be exhilarating, and a source of great satisfaction, but it can also be elusive, leaving us feeling stuck or lost.

My work is about facilitating growth by exploring, and better understanding, what makes us tick. Sometimes that means working through the difficulties, learning to appreciate the great strengths we possess, and becoming more comfortable in our own skin.





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When good habits turn bad

The 100 reps per day challenge has been a thing for the past few years. The first I noticed was the 100 press ups per day challenge. Videos about how it transformed participants bodies were posted on YouTube, claiming amazing results. A good habit then? Yes! IF...

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Self-care: both gentle and tough

There is a lot posted about self-care these days on social media. In an age where stress levels are higher than ever and the to-do list NEVER get completed by the end of the day (unless it's an abbreviated version), self-care is vital. However, some of us have been...

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Revisiting Failure

"What doesn't kill you, will make you stronger" is the oft similarly quoted aphorism from the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger". It is one about resilience made popular by songs from Kanye West and Kelly Clarkson....

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It is widely accepted that modern life weighs heavily on our wellbeing. If you are feeling burdened, it is not surprising, there are so many life-pressures to manage. I consider it my role to support you and share tried and tested strategies that will enable you to handle the difficulties and move you from coping towards thriving. Counselling, psychotherapy, mindfulness, hypnotherapy are useful tools that facilitate moving from where you are to where you want to be.

You are not alone. Yearning for change is a very human thing, your inner voice speaks to you longing for growth and the realisation of your potential. Deep inside, you know that life can be more complete, more satisfying, more connected, less burdened, less anxious, less stressed and generally feel better. Sometimes you just need a little assistance in tapping into that potential.

Welcome to my site. It’s a mixture of info about the kind of work I do, what I consider to be important principles for life and a bit about me. Because the work I do is important to each client, I wanted this site to have a serious tone but not too serious; informality is part of how I work. Hopefully, it will convey an idea of who I am, what I believe, and how we can work together towards change.  Thanks for visiting.

What I do

Humans are incredible, we have so much potential but we are often held back by the influences of past experiences and relationships, the pressures of modern life and limiting beliefs that we unknowingly hold. Despite being walking, talking treasure troves of resources, skills, creativity, talent, strengths, abilities, we can feel rubbish about our life and ourselves.

I consider it my role to promote the awakening (or reawakening) of your resources through recognising how your past may have shaped you and facilitating new and better ways of being.

My eclectic background has taught me a lot about emotional and psychological wellbeing. We are complex creatures influenced not only by our thoughts and feelings but by our physical body, culture, our relationships and the wider environment we live in.

We are constantly changing and developing; our bodies, brains, and minds evolving and adapting to the situations we find ourselves in. Together we can steer those changes in a healthy direction.

I use my broad training in transactional analysis, psychotherapy, mindfulness, counselling, hypnotherapy, coaching and my experience from being a father, husband, businessman and leader, along with my own personal battles with mental health issues, to assist your growth.


Choosing a counsellor, therapist or coach to work with isn’t the easiest decision. I offer a free 15-minute chat (face-to-face, Skype or on the phone) to help make that process a little easier.


Face-to-face appointments and classes are available in Cambridge and Abbots Ripton, Huntingdon and online. I also offer training within organisations at all levels.


Learning in a class environment delivers a rich experience as attendees learn from each other. Classes are conducted with a nonjudgmental spirit and an atmosphere of acceptance.


Events & Talks

With 18 years experience of co-owning a physiotherapy clinic, a background in the work of human beliefs (heart, mind & body), I have developed a passion for inspiring others to care for their wellbeing.


My YouTube channel has guided meditations, tips for life and guidance from great teachers I have learned from. You can also listen to the podcast I host with my colleague, John Fleming: 3 People In Your Head.


We all hold the potential to have peace, joy, love, happiness, success, and fulfilment. I believe the path to these is hope and faith in ourselves. Sometimes it just takes another to believe in us to begin this journey.

Building self-worth, resilience & resourcefulness

Together, exploring and discovering how you feel, what you want, how to change and how to build the life you long for – because it can be different, it can be better.

You are OK, you have all you need within you – you always have had.


years an entrepreneur



mental health,

you’re not alone


So many of us are struggling, often in silence, with mental health concerns:

Nearly half (43.4%) of adults think that they have had a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their life.  In 2014, 19.7% of people in the UK aged 16 and older showed symptoms of anxiety or depression. About one-third of adults in England report having experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetime.

2014 Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey (APMS)

If you are going through a difficult time and need to talk about it, please do not hesitate to contact me. Counselling, Psychotherapy and Mindfulness are proven strategies for enabling change.

  • adults who think they’ve had a mental health condition: 43%
  • Over 16s showing symptoms of anxiety or depression – 19%
  • adults having experienced at least one traumatic event – 31%
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Home Matt Taylor Coaching

online appointments

Zoom and FaceTime are platforms which allow us to connect virtually, talking face-to-face while being miles apart. For some of us, talking on the phone is good enough but if you prefer to be able to see a person’s face, this may be a good alternative.

If you don’t live in Cambridge or Huntingdon but you think I might be the person to assist you on your journey of growth and change, contact me and we can organise a virtual meeting. Because I’m able to conduct these meetings from my home, the fee for an online session is slightly less than a face-to-face appointment.

Online counselling, psychotherapy,  mindfulness training and hypnotherapy has proven to be very effective during the COVID-19 lockdown.

experience and empathy

Experience as a practitioner is important but I believe the best counsellors and therapists are the ones who genuinely care and really listen. I also believe that life experience influences the ability of a therapist in their work and this is not necessarily linked to age. Some less experienced therapists I have met are not only full of empathy, they have lived rich and textured lives too.



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I have had the privilege of receiving a very broad education. I studied Microbiology at Manchester University. I learned loads about people, beliefs and values when I trained and practised as a minister of religion for eight years. I have built a thriving wellbeing clinic with my wife and I trained as a hypnotherapist in 2006 with the brilliant Rod Piggot. I have continually learned about the mind, studying many forms of therapy including mindfulness, CBT and counselling and I am a student of Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and also Organisational and Educational TA. I am very fortunate to be tutored by Adrienne Lee and Rosemary Napper.

 Transactional Analysis podcast

As a therapist, I’m passionate about sharing resources and strategies that can transform a person’s understanding of who they are and how they relate to others and the world. Transactional Analysis (TA) is a clear and comprehensive system that does just that and more. TA also provides a comprehensive understanding of how organisations and groups work, as well as the psychological process of learning and education. 

I started this project with my friend and colleague, John Fleming, in the hope it would become a source of TA knowledge and wisdom, through interviewing great guests with lots of experience in Transactional Analysis. A few years on and our hope has been realised – we have learned so much. The podcast is now sponsored by the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) and the European Associations for Transactional Analysis (EATA).



I love this Lao Tsu quote, it helps to keep things simple. If you’re uncertain of what to do next, send me a message and we can chat about your next step towards the possibility of a new and better journey. To make an enquiry about counselling, psychotherapy or mindfulness training in Huntingdon or Cambridge, please complete the form below.